Hotels and Photography

When one takes photography as an occupation, he can find himself in need of constant stimulation. Since I had the chance to travel to different destination and cultures I was able to experiment with different themes. I want to talk about two very important aspects of travel that I think everyone should consider as the main focus if they want to improve their skill with the camera. They are architecture and food. First of all, because they are the most recognizable features of a region or culture you are visiting. Secondly, because they give a range of subjects that will test your skill in photography. This is what I want to talk about in this post: architecture, food, and the Hotel Bayerischer in Munich.

What to look out for?

When I went to the hotel for the first time the massive neoclassic building struck me in the face. There was an obvious contrast of scale with a simplicity that makes the entire building stand out. When I took my camera on the street to make some photos I walked around the building for some time, looking at how light influences the color of the facade. Under a certain angle and with the right whether the building looks like it is part of a Mediterranean city. So, look at the building you want to photograph find the right angle and wait for the clouds to pass.

Hotel Bayerischer has five stars, and with that everything you need to make your stay as pleasurable as possible, with an addition of an old building feel. When you think about hotel and restaurant photography, what I find useful, is to think of everything like interior architecture. It’s all about objects, angels and light, and the balancing of those three elements.


Rooms and Plates

As I said earlier, the hotel is in a neoclassical building, but the design of the interior they played around with modern furniture, art, and different colored light. The rooms themselves are modern and crisp, and I always like to portray them full of light and clarity while at the same time accenting the features of the room. In the facilities of the hotel you can find the Garden restaurant, with a menu that offers both traditional and modern dishes, every serving is arranged to perfection and I found it difficult to destroy the arrangement by eating it. The wonderful food reflects the interior of the restaurant and this is something I tried to capture on the photos.