In Photography 2018 is the Year of Authenticity

New trends in photography are calling for a change from the business and clean aesthetic, and a move to a more creative and organic feel in photos. This means that there will be more space for creative and artistic outbursts, nut just in photography. People want authentic accounts of events, and photos that show real life in a new and aestheticised way. These trends are emerging as a reaction to global culture, and the “modeling” of artistic expression. Creativity over conventionality.

Real People

New research shows that the search for the category “real people” has significantly enhanced in the past year. This is also reflected in photography, with a greater interest in portraying everyday people and their lives in an idealized way. This means that the glamorous celebrity lifestyle photography’s of the past are being abandoned, and people are searching for images of a more realistic life. Keep this in mind if you are preparing to make new stock photos.


The Fluid Self

Some people are predicting this to be the year of unprecedented creativity in the way we portray our self. Photoshop has advanced over the years, and as more people learn to use the software we are beginning to see a greater number of examples of people experimenting with their ideas.

Have in mind that fantasy as them has always had a strong public, and this has not changed over the years. With the advancements that photoshop give us, we can expect a lot of wired and fantastic adaptations people will make to themselves.

The term “Fluid Self” is linked to the idea that a person is not something that is fixed and constant, and that it can change over time and thru interaction with others. People are taking this idea and using it to further their self-expression in many different ways, photography is one of them.


As technology for capturing and showing images advances so do the many combinations that artist make with different media in order to further our experience of art. This is something to look out for, and I expect we will be amazed at the year a couple of times. From hologram projections and 3D modeling, thru the representation of nature and outer space one, can only expect a growth in the multimedia representation techniques as well as some new methods in capturing images.