Everyday Photography as Art

The modern era has brought in an unprecedented use of photography, and in this everyday mundane use of photography, one can forget the capacity of photos to transmit emotions and concepts that can move an audience. This does not mean that one has to encounter such works in gallery walls and on art photography blogs. Social media can be seen as a gallery of its own, and the public that can see your work is much greater than in conventional ways of representing photos. This is why my advice to you is to art up your everyday photography.

Photography is Symbolism

The camera is like a brush, it just creates what you want to see, and it can help you transmit any message. Photographies are essentially a space with recognizable symbols, and they always convey a message. Whether it is a selfie, or a family photo, or maybe even an artistic expression photo there is always a message in what you see. You can share them easily, and experiment with forms and colors as you see fit. Especially when you think about all the features new photoshop software’s have.

Think about what you want to be the message of your photo. What elements you have to use? Some recognizable symbols or features. Think about emotions, and how they are linked to light and color. Make taking a selfie time to be an artist, to say something about yourself, and to think about you and the environment.

Art Up your Life

photoWhat I always find useful is to try out thing I am reading about, but also to experiment and research different examples of photography or even painting in order to have a constant flow of inspiration. This can be done by everyone. Find the will to take your camera walk around and have the patience to find the right angle or the right moment to make your photo send the message you want.

Maybe you just want the aesthetic part of the art photography on your photos, that’s fine as well. There are a lot of things you can learn by reading artists experience and trying to apply them to your own photos. Don’t feel discouraged because you don’t have a professional camera or the right surrounding to make your photos pop up. Take the time to look around, read and practice and eventually you could be taking photos like a pro.