Food Photography Trends

Over the past years, there have been many changes in the style of food photography. The photographers who are starting the trend are mainly from England and Sweden, where there has been a boom in the art of food making. These new trends are called:  gorgeous grey, perfectly imperfect, mystic light, granny chic and back to the country. This time I will talk about these trends, and how to apply them to your photography. The main focus of the new stiles is on styling, decoration, atmosphere and color combinations.

Gorgeous Gray

This trend is relatively new, and it started around in 2015. The main focus of this type of photography is to accentuate the different nuances of the gray color while representing food. In order to achieve this photographer works with clean natural materials, like marble or wood, in the background. The rough surface helps to accent the food and to make it look delicate and graceful.

Perfectly Imperfect

This style originated with the food blogger culture and is a sort of opposition to the traditional and crisp style of food representation. These images are spontaneous and taken during the meal. They give you a lot of space for experimentation with light and color, and generally with the arrangement of the food on the plate or table.

Mystic Light

mobileThis style comes from Scandinavian countries, where photographers have encountered with natural features that influence the light of the day- like the northern lights.  The style relies on dark velvety colors, graphics structures and the special light that lends the compositions their magical, mystical look. The food on these photography’s looks like it came from an elf banquet in a dream.

Granny Chick

This stile takes as its team traditional food from different countries all over the world, the special feature on these photos are old props (like enamel pans, earthenware plates, everyday cutlery, lace doilies and old silver plates) that remind us of our grandmothers’ kitchens. The backgrounds are kept natural, with the accentuation of dark purple, violet, fuchsia, mauve or burgundy colors.

Back to Country

This idea and style originated from an ever-growing trend of rediscovering the life in the country. These photos depict people vegetable gardening and making their own flower beds. Strong natural colors, the pure light of the sun, and lots of atmospheres create a desire to leave the urban setting and start a healthier lifestyle.