Casentino Valley and Nature Photography

The beautiful Casentino valley is part of the Campigna National Park, situated in central Italy between Florence and San Marino. This beautiful region is famous for its fields and hills that are covered in dense forest, together with pictures old towns and forts makes this region a great destination for practicing photography. Whenever I get some free time, I like to go there and walk around taking in the green scenery and the light.

Casentino Valley

Tuscany is world famous for its history, architecture, art, and food. People often forget that all that history is set beside a wonderful and rich natural landscape that makes this region look like a sample of paradise. This combination makes for an ideal trip, and I would like to mention some places in the valley that I often draw inspiration from.

Poppi Castle

A definite must-see and an inspiring feature in the landscape is the Poppi Castel with its infamous Torre del Diavolo (the Devil’s Tower), where a famous beauty was brick in by locals who rebelled against her sexual appetites. The castle itself is in excellent condition, and it has been inhabited since 1279 continuously, so there are layers of stones and features that you can explore walking around.

The Mountains and Woods of Casentino

Casentino ValleyWhen doing nature photography, you need to think about the way the landscape can absorb the details that your eye can see, and that makes the sight beautiful. Think about the clouds, and the fog, the snow, and rain think about autumn and the changing colors of the trees and fields these elements make nature photography interesting. That is if you are only concerned with the landscape.

Taking photos of the animal, especially the ones that are in the wilderness takes a lot of patience and many tries. Also, in order to approach the animals enough to make a good photo, I find it useful to respect its will and to observe its behavior so you don’t end up frightening each other.

The Valley of Casentino is nestled between mountains, with rivers flowing through its fertile soil. The landscape is crisscrossed with vineyards, hills covered with forests and pastures, and mountains in the backdrop. This is what makes this place so special and full of different animals, and plants that can catch your attention. This valley is my recommendation to all of you who want to practice their nature photography skills and enjoy a rich landscape full of colors and features.